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About Our Guide

The Pattaya House Guide is the best and most comprehensive single source of Houses for sale and to rent in Pattaya, Jomtien and surrounding areas. With hundreds of House units advertised for sale or rent and in-depth information on all House buildings in the area, latest updates and news of recent developments, all the information is here, a mere click away.

The Pattaya House Guide will also give you the basic background information you need to identify the important questions you should ask before you make that all important buying or renting decision. This Guide provides you with a House selection check-list to help you narrow down the choice between the different types of Houses currently available in Pattaya. The Pattaya House Guide can help you become an informed House buyer or tenant and to help you make the very best choice. Many expatriates who move to Pattaya, Thailand, choose House living because it’s a relatively carefree housing option. Currently, in Pattaya, Thailand, two out of three new homes built are Houses.

About Pattaya & Jomtien Beach Resorts Thailand

Sun, sea, golden beaches, legendary entertainment, variety and low costs make Pattaya and Jomtien resorts, Thailand, irresistible for holidaymakers, a heaven for tourists and expat retirees and real estate investors, big or small.
Thousands of tourists from every corner of the world visit Pattaya and Jomtien in Thailand for many reasons. Most come initially for a holiday, but once they discover the fabulous lifestyle that is available here at a fraction of the cost of the Western world, many tourists return, some in search of overseas holiday homes, some to relocate permanently, or to retire with a level of luxury they could only dream of in their own countries.

About Our Company

Pattaya House Guide is owned and operated by Silvermover Company Limited. The company operates the website called "https://pattayahouseguide.com/", which is the Pattaya's largest House property portal.

Launched in October 2010, our aim is to be THE place for all home movers and property investors to find details of all House properties available to buy or rent. The website provides an easy-to-use but extensive on-line property search. With the depth of information that the company provides, including photographs, brochures, location maps, virtual tours, measurements and floor plans, House hunters can immediately identify a preferred property and contact the advertiser by phone or email.

Pattaya House Guide services four key groups:

  • estate agents
  • letting (rental) agents
  • new House developers
  • private House owners interested in advertising to House home hunters.

Pattaya House Guide is much more than an advertising medium, it helps our members by providing the tools and marketing support to significantly enhance their own marketing effectiveness. Pattaya House Guide helps improve their accuracy in pricing properties and helps them win business from vendors and landlords. Pattaya House Guide's service goes far beyond traditional advertising.

Keys to success

Pattaya House Guide's advantage is that we help our advertisers by providing quality inquiries at a significantly lower cost than their traditional advertising alternatives. For estate agents and letting (rental) agents, Pattaya House Guide also plays a key role in generating new opportunities to win instructions(the right to offer a property for sale or for rent on behalf of the owner).

Many House home movers and landlords now expect that their properties should appear on Pattaya House Guide's website in order to reach the largest market.

Strengths of the Pattaya House Guide Business

Silvermover, the parent company of the Pattaya House Guide is a website development and online marketing company and consequently has all the resources and experience required to create and manage a successful online property portal. Silvermover owns and operates Pattaya's Best Business Directory, AllPattaya.com. The owner and managing director has over 30 years’ advertising and marketing experience,16 years of which has been in Thailand and with his 14 years of House ownership and living in Pattaya, he knows the local property market and many of the professionals in the real estate business in Pattaya.

The Pattaya House Guide's success is based on delivering a quality service to its customers that focuses on their need to find buyers and renters for properties and allowing home hunters to readily find House property details that meet their criteria through a user-friendly, comprehensive and reliable website.

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